Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Wild Man Of Mahaffey

Once upon a time there was an abandoned lumber camp just outside of Mahaffey. Rattlesnakes had claimed the old foundations, and people stayed clear of the area. One winter in the late 1800's, people reported sounds of strange music and seeing smoke coming from the old half fallen in stable at the location. Farmer James Johnston, who owned property that adjoined the area, said he was tending the cows in his pasture and saw a dirty bearded man jump from the thicket and run into the woods. Other people began to mention seeing a Wild Man at the spot as they passed down the road, and he became talk of the town. The locals described him as being tall, with long brownish colored hair and a beard, probably in his 40's. His identity was a mystery and everyone was curious.  As warm weather approached, Wallace McQuown & Emery Mahaffey headed towards the camp to warn the man about dangerous snakes which would soon be making themselves present in the area. Returning back to town, Mr. McQuown and Mr. Mahaffey said they were unable to find the Wild Man, but did see he had made himself at home in part of the stable that hadn't fallen in. There was a bed built from Hemlock boughs, an old banjo, and fireplace with a pan nearby. The music and occasional smoke could be seen & heard throughout the summer time and again. Mr. McQuown and Mr. Mahaffey returned to check on the Wild Man a few times during the summer, but he was nowhere to be found. By the time snow fell again the man had disappeared and no one ever saw the smoke or heard the peculiar music again... but every once in awhile someone would mention the mysterious Wild Man of Mahaffey

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