Friday, April 28, 2017

Potter County Commissioners make a shady deal...

County Commissioner Charles Austin made his rounds in August of 1913, checking to see if there was anyone who fit criteria for placement in the Potter County Home. He stopped at the residence of Mr. John Hill in Summit Township, and saw an opportunity. Explaining to the elderly man that a deal could be made, John was quickly convinced to sign over the deed to his farm (valued at $1,800.00 - nowadays about $45,000 ) and all assets such as farm equipment, animals and such. John would get a safe place to live for the rest of his life, along with his daughter Cynthia, who was one of his many children still alive but continued to live at home with her Dad. Commissioner Austin also said he would make sure the $300 mortgage left on the property would be paid... No time was wasted contacting family members, the commissioner returned to the Potter County Home with the two new inmates in tow.  

Mr. Hill passed away from heart disease about two weeks later. The agreement already in place kept Cynthia from leaving. She died of Chronic Nephritis ( basically a urinary tract or kidney infection that went untreated ) in 1924 when she was only 51 years old. 

In Memory of John Hill & his daughter Cynthia